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Concept Design

Beowulf - Concept Design Project

Beowulf is a concept design project taken under the concept of a revisionist version of the Old English literary tale of the same name. In this version, Beowulf is a woman living in Viking Scandinavia. Included are concepts for the characters, backgrounds, props, and color. The story concept is designed for an action-based, 3D animated, feature length PG-13 film.

VRsus GuARdian - AR vs VR Game Concepts

VRsus GuARdian is an experimental fantasy two player game designed to be played with an Augmented Reality device and a Virtual Reality headset. For this game, I provided concept designs, 3D models, and rigging and animation for the VR Player character, along with collaborating with my 11 teammates in other areas of game development.

Trailer and playtest footage can be seen here page for the game can be seen here.

Flicker Fortress - 3D Game Concepts

Flicker Fortress is a 3D single-player indie puzzle game developed with a small team of artist friends. In addition to contributing as a lead in concept design and art for the game, I provided character modeling and rigging, prop models, environment textures, and some puzzle builds in Unity. 

A trailer made by me for the game can be seen here.

The game is available to play (via controller) or download on here.

Miscellaneous Environment Concepts 

Concepts are mostly commissions, side projects, or exercises for my own skill growth. Concepts shown are for both animation backgrounds  and video game environments.

Miscellaneous Game Concept Sketches

Concept are from currently unreleased game collaborations, varying from 2D, 3D, and pixel art games.

Cookbook Concept Illustrations

These are digital illustrations and concepts created as art for a cookbook of family recipes.

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